ASIO 4 All for Mac?

topic posted Fri, November 2, 2007 - 5:04 PM by  Mikey
I keep hearing of ASIO 4 All that allows you to use your external card as well as the core audio. allowing an extra stereo out. ive searched online for it and keep coming across the exe file for pc..

any links?

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  • ASIO 4 All is the PC equivalent of CoreAudio. You will not find a Mac version. Live does not support multiple sound cards, regardless of what driver you're using.
    • You think it may work with the current generation of Macs? It may very well work that way......I understand you can run PC only plugs and whatnot simultaneously in Mac apps like Logic with the Mac Pros.....Sounds kinda tricky though and I wouldn't even be able to tell you how.
      • weird from what i read on it. thanks however.
        • > You think it may work with the current generation of Macs? It may very well work that way......I understand you can run PC only
          > plugs and whatnot simultaneously in Mac apps like Logic with the Mac Pros

          ASIO4ALL is not software, nor is it a plugin. It's a generic Windows device driver. What he's asking for is the ability to use 2 devices at once, and that's not a driver issue - the ability to do it isn't written into Ableton.

          "ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output), developed by Steinberg, is a cross-platform, multi-channel audio transfer protocol that is being adopted by many of the manufacturers of audio/MIDI sequencing applications. It allows software to have access to the multi-channel capabilities of a wide range of powerful sound cards.

          ASIO expands on the basic capabilities of a standard computer sound card, most of which can only provide stereo (two-channel) audio input and output. The ASIO specification defines the interface that manufacturers of professional audio sound cards must use to create an ASIO driver for their hardware. This driver allows the host audio/MIDI application to "see" all of the inputs and outputs available on the sound card. The user can then assign these I/O ports as needed for recording or playback when using an ASIO-compatible software program. This allows the users to record more tracks simultaneously than the previous limitation of two channels imposed by a standard sound card."

          ASIO implementation was not built into Windows because they champion DirectAudio, a completing technology. CoreAudio is Apple's name for the Darwin-based implementation of the ASIO protocol.
          • I mention this because i have been using a Allen n' Heath Xone 3D which offers 3 stereo outs to the mixer. i love it but in an "advanced soundcard" reading for it, they mentioned this asio 4 all for mac, that will allow me to use the 3 stereo outs on the xone and use the single line out as the "4th" unique channel on the mixer.

          • I understand that what you are saying. I know exactly what ASIO and Core Audio are. I also know that Mac Pros can run 2 operating systems simultaneously so I all I am saying is that I wouldn't entirely discount what the young man is asking.
            • He asked a question, he received the accurate answer. If you read your response you'll notice you went off about software and plugins. NOT WHAT HE WAS ASKING.

              Macs will not run ASIO4ALL. They are Windows only drivers. To suggest otherwise is misleading and untrue. Running them in a Windows instance on a Mac will not alter the fact that there is *no ASIO4ALL for Mac* nor is there support in Ableton for 2 soundcards (the other question, also factually answered) regardless of what driver you are using. True statement. That was his question. I answered it.

              But by all means, go ahead and rip apart my factual response with a statement that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Prove me otherwise since you're clearly in possession of special knowledge. Or do just have to feel superior by offering non-answers?

              • No, certainly not. I just know that the current generation is certainly capable of running 2 Operating systems simultaneously. Under just about all other circumstances I would agree with you absolutely. I don't have any special knowledge here but homeboy has heard from other sources that it is possible and I was merely pointing out that the current gen of of Macs can do many things of on both platforms. I never claimed to even know how to do it...just pointing out that I wouldn't deny the possibility and now I have to ask....Do you somehow possess some kind of absolute special knowledge on the subject? Why so defensive?
                • >> Why so defensive?

                  I have no idea. It's probably because on the internet I'm ten feet tall, gorgeous as all get out, and have a vast untapped intellect that I must share as my benison to those who lack my immense gifts. Either that or I can just be a dick, but my money's on the first one.

                  Sorry for the hostile tone ; )
  • You could create an Aggregate Device within the Mac OS.
    go to hard drive > Applications > Utilities > Audio/Midi Setup > Audio menu > Open Aggregate Device Editor.

    Then you can use multiple devices under a single listing

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